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2009 brought some amazing change to Gresham Photography, as well as to Stacey and my personal lives. From a photography standpoint, we shot an amazing moment in the lives of 32 couples, along with a plethora of engagements, bridals, and family sessions. The people we met and places we saw, truly made 2009 an amazing year.

This past year also brought to an end four-plus years of either Stacey or I working double duty with a full-time day job and managing Gresham Photography. It was a huge step for us, and will allow us to work even harder for each and every one of our clients. The “extra” time that comes with only one full-time job will also allow me to work on, and hopefully finish, a number of awesome projects that we’ve been slowly developing within Gresham Photography. Definitely good things to come!

On a more personal level, 2009 also brought to an end a stressful three years for Stacey … as she earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Throughout her time in grad school, Stacey was determined to earn good grades, and love the pictures she was shooting at the same time. There were definitely some tough moments as she balanced her two loves, but I am constantly amazed at how hard she continued to work in both areas.

I’m still EXTREMELY nervous about what 2010 will hold for Gresham Photography, as I make the jump to managing the studio full time. But leave it to our AMAZING current and past clients to offer some amazing encouragement and support! Since Christmas Day, Stacey and I have received eight wedding inquiries for this new year, with each of them coming to us via one of our clients. It’s a true testament of how blessed Stacey and I are to have each and every one of you in our lives. You’ve allowed us to pursue a career that we love, and we’re ever-grateful for your constant support!

But as we welcome a new year, with all it’s fresh challenges and adventures, Stacey and I wanted to take a second and thank all of those people that made 2009 such and amazing time in our lives. To say “thanks”, we wanted to look back at just a few of our favorite images from the year …

(Feel free to click on each image to see more from those shoots!)


Staci and Ken | The Wedding


Rachel and Will | The Engagement


Anna | The Day After Session


Regina and Nick | The Engagement


Katherine and Philip | The Wedding


Evan, Kristi, Judah and Layla | The Portraits


Victoria | The Day After Session


Phyllis and Dan | Second shoot for the amazing Sarah K. Chen

Brittany and Chase | The Wedding – Part I


Brittany and Chase | The Engagement



Laura and Ross | The Wedding


Jamie and Stuart | The Wedding


Abbie and Logan | The Wedding


Carlin and Josh | The Wedding – Part II


Stacy and Bubba | The Wedding


Mandy and Jared | The Engagement


Caroline and Josh | The Wedding


Deborah | The Bridals


Phyllis and Dan | Second shoot for the amazing Sarah K. Chen


Brittany and Chase | The Wedding – Part I


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