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Hi. I’m Brandon and I’d really appreciate it if you’d just act natural…

No seriously. Don’t stress, you look perfect.

Great portrait photography is about more than just good composition and gorgeous light. It’s about more than the perfect location and the right camera equipment. Great images are all about the subject. Which in this case … is you.

I’m going to ask you to be natural … to be yourself.

In ten years of shooting weddings and portraits, I’ve learned the importance of a client feeling comfortable in front of the camera. When you feel comfortable, you’ll feel relaxed. When you’re relaxed, we’ll start taking pictures.

Simple Color images are a collaborative effort between myself and the
people I photograph. I ask my subjects to trust me. And in return, I deliver natural, relaxed, and beautiful imagery. My pictures reflect you and your personality. I want the focus to be on your happiness and excitement … whether you’re celebrating a walk down the aisle, the newest addition to your family, or the simple beauty of everyday life.

So take a deep breathe … relax … and smile.

If you’d like to find out more about Simple Color, the work I do, or what it takes to have me photograph you … feel free to contact us and say hello!

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