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Photographing weddings has been a passion of mine for the past decade. Every wedding gives me an opportunity to witness a wonderful moment in my clients’ lives, while also working to ensure they’ll be able to remember it for years to come. It’s not a responsibility I take lightly, and I’ve worked diligently to hone my skills as a professional photographer for the past 10 years.

Wedding days should never be about the pictures. Rather, a wedding should progress naturally through a day of unscripted, heartfelt moments … and any good photographer will document each of those moments candidly and without intrusion.

I work to be more than just a wedding photographer to my couples. On a day that is full of wonderful emotion … and the occasional stress … being your wedding photographer provides me with the opportunity to provide both quality images, AND a memorable experience.

From bustling my bride’s dress, fetching my groom a drink, to simply doing my darndest to make sure everyone is comfortable and at ease … everything I can do to make my couples’ wedding day easier … and in turn more memorable in photos … is a job well done.

If you’d like to find out more about Simple Color, the work I do, or what it takes to have me photograph you … feel free to contact us and say hello!