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This year has definitely been a family affair for Gresham Photography! Back in April, we had the opportunity to shoot my cousin Ruth’s wedding in Florida, and this past Saturday, we were blessed to spend the day with my cousin Allie and her newly-minted husband Jeff for their big day in Grand Rapids, Mi.!

Allie planned every part of her wedding day down to the tiniest detail. From the the gorgeous wedding dress to the place cards, from the bridesmaid’s flowers to the flavor of the individual cakes at the guest tables … this day was full of Allie’s personal touches. We were so proud of how hard she worked to make the day special for everyone involved!

Family weddings are a different animal for Stacey and I. While we invest 110 percent into every one of our clients, there’s a new level of emotion that comes with photographing someone you grew up with. I still remember playing with tiny Allie and all the cousins for hours in the playhouse that our grandpa built for us. So I was a more than a little emotional at times to see her transformed into a gorgeous woman and beautiful bride. The icing on the cake, of course, was getting to document this amazing moment for her and Jeff, and share in the celebration with a bunch of my close family.

To Allie and Jeff, thank you so much for inviting us to be part of one of the biggest days of your lives. We felt truly honored that you picked us to document every moment of your wedding day. To all my family who helped make Allie’s day possible, you are all amazing people who showed this weekend just how selfless you can be!

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9 Responses

  1. Ginna Peterson The pictures are all beautiful! Anxious to see them all and to actually own some :) And it was absolutely the most fun having all of you there...don't we have the BEST family???

  2. Allie Brandon I finally had a chance to actually read what you wrote. It was sooo sweet! It's soo funny because some of the best memories I have of us are in that red playhouse. Thank you again for everything. It was great to have you take the pictures but AMAZING to be able to have you all there.

  3. Joy The pictures are absolutely amazing! So many favorites! You both did an excellent job!

  4. Dad (Gresham) It was beautiful wedding! Good job capturing it in pictures Stacey and Brandon.

  5. Charity I love all the details you catch!!

  6. Michelle These pictures are so beautiful = can't wait to order some!!

  7. Amanda I.Love.It.

  8. Allie Simply AMAZING Brandon & Stacey. Thank you so much for making our day so special. We love you!

  9. Terry Claus OMG...these pictures are absolutely beautiful! We are thrilled!