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2008 is going to be an amazing year for Gresham Photography!!!

We’ve already booked more weddings than we’ve ever had in a single year, and we’re extremely thankful to have the chance to work with some amazing people during ’08.

Due to the increase that we’ve seen in demand for our pictures, Stacey and I have been debating over the past few weeks on how to handle the remainder of our bookings for 2008.

As many of you know, we split the time that we work on our photography with my full-time public relations job and Stacey’s full-time graduate work. Those two commitments force us to limit the number of weddings we do so we have a few weekends to edit, sleep and take pictures of our families/friends. Last year we limited our bookings to 25. But after meeting with so many great couples this year, we decided to push the limit up to 30.

As of tomorrow, we will have 26 weddings booked in 2008. In additon, we currently have 11-12 serious inquiries into our photography. So you can see the quandry that is upon us!

So here’s what we’ve decided:

Towards the end of this week I will be sending out an email to all of our inquiring brides. In that e-mail I’ll ask how your feeling about your photographer search and where you feel like your at in the process. From the point when we send out the e-mail we’ll begin taking bookings on a first-come, first-serve basis for those of you who have already inquired.

If you’re not one of the brides who books one of our remaining spots, I will be personally shooting another five weddings in ’08, minus-Stacey. I will let you know ASAP whether you’ve gotten one of the first five spots or one of the “single-photographer” second spots and let you decide from there what you want to do. Stacey and I have each done our share of single-photographer wedding and I promise to capture your wedding in all it beauty.

Please understand … we’re in no way trying to rush people into a decision before they’re ready! And while God has blessed us this year with a great number of couples that we’re extremely excited to work with, we have to make sure we don’t overbook and overrun ourselves. We want to have the time (and energy) to focus on all of our couples’ wedding with 110 percent effort, and we see restricting our bookings as one of the best ways to give our brides the service they deserve.

Please feel free to give me a call (the number is on the website) or shoot me an email with ANY questions, concerns, demands, or pats on the back….if you know how to do that electronically…. that you might have.


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