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So Angie and Derek win the Gresham Photography “Clients of the Week” award for standing near 100-degree heat, mosquitoes, and my endless blabbering this afternoon to shoot some awesome engagement photos with us!

A while back I mentioned here on the blog how much I wanted to shoot a session at Rickwood Field, America’s oldest ballpark in its 99th year. So you can imagine how excited I was when Angie jumped at the idea! Turns out, Derik was a star baseball player in high school, and even played a few times at Rickwood. And that was enough of a connection for me!

So we trekked to downtown Birmingham today, and despite the blazing heat, we had a fun time exploring the ballpark. (OK, so it was scorching beyond all reason and I think Angie and Derik were more than excited when I said we were finished!)

That said, we finished the day with some amazing light atop Red Mountain in downtown, and it turned out to be the perfect ending to the shoot! Their little girl Copper even made a quick appearance!

Here’s some of our early favorites from the session!

4 Responses

  1. Micha Everett What a fun esession! Looks like a fabulous and fun wedding coming up!

  2. Regina Martin I LOVE the kiss under the refreshments sign! (You are amazing photographers, but it doesn't hurt that she's so pretty, hehehe.) They are soldiers. I would've melted into a PUDDLE if it would've been that hot during our shoots.

  3. angie we look so pretty! :)

  4. Jessica Wright How perfect are these?! You guys are awesome.