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I thought I would take the opportunity to finally talk about my double life. Yes, I’m a photographer on the weekends, but during the week I am hard at work in the classroom trying to learn the skills to become a physical therapist. I know all my clients must think I’m crazy not to just pick one career path or the other, but the truth is. . . I love doing them both!!! I especially love when I can blend the two and help promote my future profession of physical therapy! This past weekend I got the chance to photograph the annual Are U Able race put on by students and faculty at University of Alabama at Birmingham’s PT program to benefit research in the area of physical therapy. This race is designed to let people of all abilities participate in activity and it truly accomplished its goal this year. We had individuals young and old and some with various adaptive equipment (prosthetics) participating in the race. Here are some of the images I captured throughout the day.


This little guy was 2 years old!

These awards were made by children at Children’s hospital in Birmingham who are receiving physical therapy!

Here’s to my lovely PT class who put on this race! Awesome job guys!

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