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It’s been a day that was three years in the making for my brother Raleigh and his wife Bridgette. Finally, after mountains of paperwork, endless prayer, and one very long flight … their adopted son Beau landed in Atlanta last Thursday!

We were so excited for the opportunity to photograph such a beautiful, and unique moment! I joked earlier today on twitter that we shot 900 frames in a 15 minute window at the airport … and in some silly way, I think that’s a perfect barometer of Stacey and my excitement with getting to meet our first nephew!

If Bridgette and Raleigh let us have our way … that’ll be the going rate for pictures every time we get to spend time with little Beau!

With the help of some Flip video work from my dad, I put together a quick little slideshow of Raleigh and Bridgette’s meeting at the airport. It was a wonderful moment, that still has me smiling from ear to ear …

Beau Comes Home from Brandon Gresham on Vimeo.

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3 Responses

  1. Carmen This was so wonderfully moving. Love the use of video and photos in the slideshow!

  2. hillary aaaaand now I'm crying nearly hysterically. He took to his Mommy so quickly. What an amazing blessing for your family.

  3. Bridgette Thank you so much for capturing the day so beautifully! The pictures and video are priceless! I know that Beau will love to watch them one day!