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So this year we decided to switch up our end of the year “favorites” blog posts, and spend a little time bragging on each other. This year I’m picking my top ten from Stacey’s shots, while she’ll do the same for mine! Some of my favorites from Stacey’s year included a bunch of film shots, and WAY too many to fit into 10 favorites! She rocked so many sessions this year, but the following images were some of my favorites, BY FAR. So here’s to Stacey’s 2010 …

No. 10 … from Ruth and Greg | On Film

No. 9 … from Melissa and David | The Wedding

No. 8 … from from Shelly and Ron | The Wedding

No. 7 … from David and Graeme | On Film

No. 6 … from Angie and Derik | The Wedding

No. 5 … from Ruth and Greg | The Wedding

No. 4 … from Courtney and Michael | The Wedding

No. 3 … from Kal | On Film

No. 2 … from Cam and Tom | The Wedding

No. 1 … from Alissa and Chad | The Wedding

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