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We spent this past Saturday with one of the nicest couples you’ll ever meet. Catherine and Jerry were so kind and gracious to us throughout their wedding day, and we couldn’t help but enjoy the heartfelt, emotional ceremony at Shades Mountain Baptist here in Birmingham. Saturday was doubly special for us, since it was our good photographer friend Ann Wade Parrish who brought us together! AWP set down her camera for the day, and stood along side Catherine as one of her bridesmaids, leaving us to shoot some beautiful moments!

Catherine and Jerry’s reception was held at The Club … one our favorite places to shoot in Birmingham thanks to a gorgeous view of the city, and old-school feel! The reception rocked well into the night thanks to the ridiculously talented folks in the Connection Band!

Jerry and Catherine, thank you so much for asking us to be a part of your amazing day. We felt truly blessed to photograph some beautiful moments as you start your life together. Here’s some of our favorites from your day …

The beautiful Ann Wade Parrish, and Catherine’s best imitation of a typical AWP expression … :-)

We were so in love with Catherine and Jerry’s gifts for each other. Catherine gave Jerry a beautiful watch with the engraving “I Love You” in Spanish and their wedding date. Jerry presented Catherine a list he wrote of qualities he was looking for in a wife, before he knew Catherine. It was crazy how closely she fit the list! :-)

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  2. Meg Brooke Y'all were wonderful to work with at the wedding and reception. Thank you for making us all feel comfortable! You got some great shots. We can't wait to see the full package! :-) ....from the MOB :-)

  3. Maryanna Great job with the pictures! It was such a fun weekend!!!

  4. shea SO SO wonderful. great job guys. and what a fun surprise to see anne wade in the wedding party! how perfect is that gift from the groom to the bride? :) i want one! haha.

  5. hillary What a fun reception and a perfect car for the venue! I haven't checked the blog in a while, but it looks great!

  6. Dennis Bullock What an event! Great work guys!