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If you’ve followed Stacey and I in the blogosphere for awhile, than you’ve probably already been introduced to George and Bailey. We adopted these two over the past three years, and can’t imagine life without dog hair-covered couches, whines for early-morning bathroom breaks, and the occasional stinking dog breath lick when you’re least expecting it.

George and Bailey were pound pups adopted from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society here in town. We couldn’t have asked for to better friends to welcome us home after a long day of shooting!

I think these two make a pretty good example of what kind of dogs you can expect from a humane society or shelter adoption. That said, we’d like to put a little plug in for Change a Pet’s Life Day, coming up this January 24th. During that day, you can go into any participating animal shelter and adopt a pet for FREE. While not all shelters are participating in the program, there are a couple here in Alabama that will be involved.

If you’re coming to us from another state, check out their nationwide listing of participating shelters!

Stacey and I would have probably paid alot more for Bailey and George if we had too. They’re both awesome companions and help keep us from being lazy ol’ couch potatoes. If you’re thinking about getting a pet anytime soon, consider a trip to your local shelter!

Thanks for listening to our little rant, and we will now resume our regular scheduled programming!

3 Responses

  1. Stephanie Stephens I think what you're doing is wonderful! Thanks for sharing and your babies are precious!!!!!

  2. Jana Berwald Just wanted to say thanks for promoting animal adoption. My life changed forever when we adopted Rocky. Bailey and George are beautiful, I only wish mine dog would stay put long enough for me to capture some great shots but I keep trying for that perfect shot. Thanks

  3. Ashley I completely agree, life wouldn't be the same our pups. They make us smile daily! Your dogs are precious!


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