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So Stacey and I have been twittering for awhile now, primarily swapping random thoughts with some of our photo friends and family. But we thought it would be awesome to start twittering from the simply colorful perspective of Gresham Photography!

We’re talking tweets about projects we’re working on (Maybe yours?), some image teasers while we’re editing, showing off albums when we get them in, and some re-tweets from other wedding vendors offering up cool products, contests, etc. You can always follow along here on the blog too….just look for the Twitter update feed below our intro paragraph! ^^^

We’d love for you to follow along with us if you’re in the Twitterverse already, and if you haven’t joined then just head on over to to get started! And if you’re really bored, feel free to look us up on our person Twitter pages too…. brandongresham, and staceygresham

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