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So rarely, if ever, will you see a picture of me on our blog! Stacey and I always joke that one of the biggest reasons why¬†we got in to wedding photography was to avoid having OUR picture taken! Thanks to Miranda from Reminisce Photography and Design for capturing me in action during our shoot in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. I was trying to figure out why my legs were so tired the next day, and this probably had something to do with it! Can anyone say “out of shape”?

Thought it would be fun to see some of the images I was taking too…. (well, the left one anyways!) You can see all of the photos from Amanda and Jared on our proofing site! (Password: hughes)

2 Responses

  1. Miranda haha! yeah, between the walk to the convention and the awkward stances we shoot in, we were worn out by the end of the trip! especially after the shoot we had at red rock... oh the pain! anyhoo, we've been posting shots from vegas on our blog (, if you want to take a peek- red rock ones in the next week or two. see you next year!!! :)

  2. Dani Love these latest pics you two! Brandon... you make me laugh! the color is right on as always.. you guys rock!


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