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Stacey and I have always been pretty active members of the photo sharing site Flickr. We’ve met a ton of great photographers there, found a lot of inspirational images, and learned a thing or two about shooting from some of the great talents floating around our Flickr groups!

One aspect of Flickr that we love is the way you can set up groups of pictures based on how popular they are. Flickr uses a pretty complicated algorithm to calculate the “Interestingness” of a picture. The pictures it finds interesting are added to the daily “Explore” category. Very nerdy picture stuff I know.

Soooooo, we thought it would be fun to show folks our top twenty images in a couple of different categories over the next few weeks! These didn’t all make it to the Explore page, but are ranked purely on how many people have viewed them, added them as favorites, or commented on them.

We figured the best place to start would be our engagement shots!

#20 – Mary and Timmy (Birmingham, Ala.)

#19 – Rachel and Will (New York, New York)

#18 – Regina and Nick (Birmingham, Ala.)

#17 – Brittany and Chase (Trussville, Ala.)

#16 – Jami and Michael (Nashville, Tenn.)

#15 – Melanie and Alan (Birmingham, Ala.)

#14 – Rachel and Will (New York, New York)

#13 – Rachel and Will (New York, New York)

#12 – Jenney and Daniel (Birmingham, Ala.)

#11 – Nicolette and Kevin (Birmingham, Ala.)

#10 – Amanda and Jared (Las Vegas, Nev.)

#9 – Stacy and Bubba (Birmingham, Ala.)

#8 – Brittany and Jonathan (Sylacauga, Ala.)

#7 – Tera and Alex (New Orleans, La.)

#6 – Rebecca and Peter (Tuscaloosa, Ala.)

#5 – Anna and Tyler (Birmingham, Ala.)

#4 – Emily and Adam (Birmingham, Ala.)

#3 – Jared and Amanda (Las Vegas, Nev.)

#2 – Anna and Tyler (Birmingham, Ala.)

#1 – Jared and Amanda (Las Vegas, Nev.)

2 Responses

  1. olga great pictures! my favorites are #3 and #14 :)

  2. Mandi Great images.