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Obviously, Stacey and my favorite thing to shoot at any giving wedding is going to be the bride and groom. There’s nothing quite like the facial expressions, emotion, and overall body language that you get out of a couple on their wedding day! From their reactions to seeing each other for the first time, to their crazy-big smiles as they leave their reception, shooting couples on one of the happiest days of their lives never gets old!

So here’s our top twenty couple shots according to the folks on Flickr! Obviously these are just a few of our favorites, but there are definitely some of our all-time classics included! Enjoy!

#20 – Christie and Chris (Atlanta, Ga.)

#19 – Staci and Ken (Birmingham, Ala.)

#18 – Jamie and Stuart (Birmingham, Ala.)

#17 – Stephanie and Daniel (Birmingham, Ala.)

#16 – Deborah and Quinn (Birmingham, Ala.)

#15 – Laura and Ross (Birmingham, Ala.)

#14 – Brooke and Will (Fultondale, Ala.)

#13 – Mary and John (Birmingham, Ala.)

#12 – Keli and Jared ( Moulton, Ala.)

#11 – Jenney and Daniel (Birmingham, Ala.)

#10 – Deborah and Quinn (Birmingham, Ala.)

#9 – Crystal and Riley (Tuscaloosa, Ala.)

#8 – Brittany and Jonathan
(Pell City, Ala.)

#7 – Caroline and Josh (Atlanta, Ga.)

#6 – Karen and Robert (Birmingham, Ala.)

#5 – Kristie and Nicholas (Alabaster, Ala.)

#4 – Katie and Brad (Fairfield, Ala.)

#3 – Jenney and Daniel (Birmingham, Ala.)

#2 – Laura and Ross (Birmingham, Ala.)

#1 – Lori and Chris (Birmingham, Ala.)

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