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So today is a big day for Stacey and I! Four years ago we did the whole wedding thing ourselves, and could have never imagined where we would be today way back in 2005.

We learned a ton of things about planning weddings and the wedding business during our stint as the engaged couples, like remembering that it’s not a destination wedding if your on a lake in Alabama in the middle of the summer. Yup, that was an oops! :-p

Despite the 95-degree heat and some occasional clouds of bugs, it was an amazing day full of great memories. Every time I get ready to shoot the groom on a wedding day, I find myself remembering the feelings I was having four years ago. It was a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and yes, even a little fear. :-p

But the thing I remember most about the day was seeing Stacey come down the aisle.

Uhm, wow.

I’m not an overly emotional person on a daily basis, but everyone there can remember how much I cried like a baby. She was … Stunning. Perfect. Hot. Gorgeous. Jaw-dropping. And a few other things!

To be honest, I’m a huge fan now of having the bride and groom seeing each other before the wedding (We waited until the ceremony). Reason is, Stacey could have been walking down the aisle in the middle of a shopping mall at christmas time, and I still wouldn’t have noticed anything but her. It didn’t matter when, where or how I saw her that day … I was still going to be blown away!

So, all sappiness aside … I wanted to hijack the blog for a rare personal post! That is all.

10 Responses

  1. Ann Marie Awww Happy Anniversary! :) Hope yall had a great day!

  2. Jenna M Congratulations on another year!!!! How exciting! :-)

  3. carol hagood A great post! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to two very lucky (and both gorgeous!) people. Here's wishing you many happy years ahead.

  4. Sandy Hundley My memory says it was 105! But Stacey was soooo BEAUTIFUL...and needless to say you where quite handsome yourself. Happy Anniversary you two.

  5. Jennifer Shuler Happy Anniversary!!! :-)

  6. Ashley Price Brandon, that was so sweet! Love the pic! Happy Anniversary!!!

  7. Leslie Roark Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Cassidy Happy anniversary! This picture is so adorable, I love it!

  9. Erin Weber That is awesome! Every time I attend a wedding, I want to do it all over again. Congrats on 4 years!!

  10. Kricia Morris Photography That is SO sweet! And you guys look fabulous, fingerprints and're right, you do have a hott wife! :)