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So I wanted to share some more images from our time in New Orleans. We had the opportunity to shoot some awesome models in some amazing locations! We also met up with the amazing photography duo of Dani and Anna from Bend, Oregon. They are officially our best photographer friends after a total of 48 hours together. We had a great time shooting around New Orleans with them today, so stayed tuned tomorrow for a post about the Blink Photography girls! For now, here’s some of our favorites from Day 2:

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous These are the only pictures I have seen of me. I love the B/W with me facing the door it's my favorite. And yes I went straigt to the salon to get a fake tan after seeing these.

  2. dani You guys are amazing! Truly love your work and the edge that you capture it in. Definately sets y'all apart! Loves, dani

  3. Anna These are absolutely stunning! ...and no green tinge at all!

  4. Ann Marie & Scott love the shots with the blur door/panelling! beautiful! looks like yall are having fun! :)