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Stacey and I had the great privilege to shoot one of our good friend’s proposals before we left Birmingham for New York! We’ve known Katherine for a good while now, since Stacey and I worked with her as RA’s at Samford, and then again when Stacey and Katherine were in the same graduate school class!

Needless to say, when Scottie approached us to help document him popping the question … we didn’t think twice!

Scottie did a TON of legwork leading up the big night, including converting the gym at his and Katherine’s church into a perfect proposal spot. The ruse involved Scottie taking Katherine out to dinner, but needing to quickly stop by the church to pick up his coat.

One little side note about this post: Stacey and I are currently in Colorado enjoying some time with family … and unfortunately brought a laptop with us that has a seriously messed up color profile. Oops! So this little sneak preview is our first-ever all black and white post … since we couldn’t wait to show off some images!!!

Scottie had candles set up leading from the hallway entrance where Katherine would come in, all the way to where he’d be sitting in ┬áthe “modified” gym waiting for her …

Funny story though … Scottie opted to come inside, and just sit and wait until Katherine finally got impatient waiting for him … and decided to come in herself. Unfortunately, Katherine was a lot more patient than any of us planned for! Twenty-something minutes later …

Then the big moment …

Scottie also opted to wash Katherine’s feet as a sign of his commitment to serving her as her husband … pretty romantic if you ask me!

Since it was already after dark … we suggested setting up our Colorbooth for some quick snapshots of the bride and groom-to-be …. and loved the results!

Katherine and Scottie, we feel so bless that you allowed us to be part of such an amazing moment. We can’t wait to hear all about the wedding and PICTURE plans for the big day! You’re two amazing people, and we couldn’t think of a better match!

And no worries, there’s plenty of awesome color images as well! :-p

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