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If you’re a follower of photography blogs, you’re sure to notice this time of year that we’re all making apologies for not blogging! Truth is, it’s vacation season for most of us and vacation = blog slacking!

Soooo, to bring ourselves back into the world of blogging, Stacey and I have decided to announce our “Let’s Shoot” idea that we’ve mulling around for the past few months. It seems that every couple of days we’ll get an inquiry from some uber-awesome photographer out there wanting to shoot with us. Weird huh?! Stacey and I are still trying to make sense of it since it was only last month I was on my knees begging another photographer to take me along for the ride at one of their weddings! :-p

Frankly, we’re flattered! Our business has definitely seen growth over the past three years, but we still consider ourselves a LONG way off from where we would like to be. For the longest time we’ve been trying to figure out how to invite other photographers to come shoot with us, without sounding just a little big-headed. We MIGHT be ready to do a workshop in about 20 years. We MIGHT be able to teach someone how to be a better wedding photographer in about 30 years!

But as we were thinking of ways to answer these inquiries, we looked back on where we were when we first started shooting weddings. We were desperately looking for weddings, engagements, bridals, pets, kids, grandparents, and completely random people off the street to take pictures of!

We were lucky to have some close friends getting married, and slowly worked for the first year to build a portfolio that we weren’t too embarrassed to show people. I remember all along thinking how great it would be if we could just get our foot in the door for a wedding, do some second shooting, and really have a chance to get our portfolio off the ground.

Soooo, playing off of that idea, Stacey and I have decided to offer up four second shooting spots for this year… two engagement/bridal sessions and two weddings.

Since both Stacey and I shoot, these wouldn’t be your “by-the-book” second shooting gigs! Rather, they’d be an opportunity to shoot a full-fledged wedding or session without the pressures that come from being the main shooter on a wedding day. The dates and times for the shoots are still up in the air as we work to get permission from our clients before inviting another shooter. So here’s what we’re hoping to offer in a nutshell:

– Spend the day shooting with us
– Grab dinner after the shoot (on us of course!) to talk pictures
– Use your images from the day as you see fit (Some itty-bitty restrictions here as far as re-sale and such!)
– Deliver your edited images to our client on a disc for their copyright-free use

“Let’s Shoot” is going to be more about interacting with each other during our session, talking through the day over dinner, and getting some awesome photos for your portfolio. Since we’re not asking our clients to pay for an extra photographer, the best we can offer up is a free dinner and hopefully a great discussion about photography and the business.

Let me re-iterate that Stacey and I in no way consider ourselves photography experts. And we’re not considering this a workshop or training session. We’ve had ALOT of requests for people to second-shoot for us, and while we would love to have everyone along for the ride, we’re hoping this will help out some of those people who are interested!

One last little caveat! If you’ve already got an established business going in the wedding photography world, I don’t think this would be the right thing for you! We’re hoping to help jump-start some photographers who are just getting their business off the ground in whatever way we can. I can’t truly tell you what we define as “established”, but if Stacey and I feel like you’re well on your way in the photography world, than maybe we can just do lunch sometime? :-)

So if you’d like to be part of a Simply Colorful day of shooting with Stacey and I, shoot me an email! We’re going to take requests on a first-come, first serve basis, so best be quick if you want to get onboard!

Ready, set, go!!!

2 Responses

  1. Orange Beach wedding OMG! That photo with the bride and groom under the tulle at sunset is go-go-gorgeous.

  2. Addie You guys so rock!


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