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This has been an amazing year for Stacey and I, and especially yours truly, as we’ve gotten to witness and document three of my cousins tie the knot. This past weekend, we finished off our trifecta of family weddings with my cousin Melissa and her husband Greg’s celebration on the beach down in Florida. When we started this business, there are few things I looked forward to more than getting to use our photography to document moments dear to us, like Melissa and Greg’s big day!

Sadly, these two lovebirds were forced to reschedule their wedding by a couple of days, which meant Stacey had to stay behind in Birmingham. This, of course, led to the common greeting of … “Hey Brandon! Where’s Stacey?!” But I’m more than used to that by now. :-)

Melissa and Greg chose to celebrate their marriage this past weekend at the Grand Plaza Hotel, in St. Pete Beach, FL. It was the perfect backdrop for their casual ceremony and reception in front of close family and friends! Sunday was also the first time I have had the opportunity to shoot a couple’s wedding day first look and portraits during sunrise, and needless to say, it’s a gorgeous time of day to shoot!

So without further delay, here’s a couple of favorites from the big day! To Melissa and Greg, thank you so much for asking me to be part of this amazing moments in your lives! Stacey and I both wish you years of happiness!

Did I mention a gorgeous sunrise?!

We snuck in a quick moment of portraits right after the ceremony. It was perfect …

The whole family pitched in to decorate the reception site, and I just loved how it turned out. The big plus? The entire rom was flooded with gorgeous natural light! Bye bye flash!

A little unscripted moment right before their big introduction …

Long story short, Melissa and Greg met on a plane, and there was an apple involved. :-)

Many thanks to my second cousin Elena, who was a big help getting pictures of Melissa’s dress in Stacey’s absence!

My grandparents busting out their best dance moves …

Recognize these two?!

Worst Thriller rendition ever by my aunts and mother. But hey, it was Halloween so we’ll let it slide …

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5 Responses

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  2. Becky Mosburg So beautiful, Brandon! Maybe Jeramy and I should renew our vows so we can hire you and Stacey?!?!

  3. Megan Hayes You know the saying "I want to be like Mike" well here's my version: "I want to be like Brandon and Stacey"! Everything you guys shoot is amazing and I love your style and the way you capture light. It's amazing! Congrats on Photographer of the Month at Forbeyon!

  4. Hillary How do you nail the lighting EVERY time???? Teach me!!

  5. Dennis Bullock Wow what a great day and great looking couple!


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