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So it didn’t take us long to miss a blog post! Only two weeks to be exact! But since it was Memorial Day last Monday, we figured that was enough of an excuse to let us off the hook!

We’re in the midst of what can only be called “the crazy time” of our wedding season! 13 weddings in 12 weeks might not seem like a lot to our fellow photogs, but Stacey and I are a little out-of-shape these days, so we’re having to work our tails off to keep up! The odd thing is, no matter how busy we get, or what challenges we face, we’re still loving every minute of it! The pictures coming out of our handy-dandy cameras, the clients we’re interacting with and shooting to death at the same time …. it’s a blast!


Lately Stacey and I have been working hard on finding new inspiration. It’s not that we don’t like our old inspirations …. but if you’ve been in this business for more than 15 minutes you begin to realize that there’s a lot of photographers out there doing really amazing things on a daily basis. So we’ve been trying to re-focus our picture takin’ just a smidge, and try and keep it fresh every time we pick up the camera!

Stacey usually find her inspiration in a place like Real Simple Magazine, while I’m drawn to a more photojournalism inspiration board ….. such as the Boston Globe’s Big Picture Blog.

A lot of our current clients are running into similar creative issues as they plan for the big day. There’s a ton of weddings going on every weekend, which means that creative and new ideas are a little hard to come by! One of our brides-to-be recently asked us for some places she might look to find inspiration for helping make her big day beautiful, and we passed on some of our favorite inspirational sites for weddings. Here’s just a few of the many places we recommend!

Southern Weddings
Style Me Pretty
The Weddings Chicks
Elizabeth Anne Designs
Wedding Bee
The Bride’s Cafe

And what better way to find some awesome inspiration than in the amazing wedding photographers out there?! We’ve found photographers all over the world that blow us away with every new picture they post! Here’s a few of our fellow wedding photographers that never cease to amaze and inspire us …

Jose Villa – California
Jessica Claire – California
Melia Sorenson – Vancouver
Anna Kuperberg – California
Michael Norwood – California
Bobbi and Mike – Indianapolis
Chenin Boutwell – California
Sarah K. Chen – California
Bryan Johnson – Birmingham

As you can see …. we do alot of blog stalking! And yes, we do have a small addiction to California photographers…


And finally, just some random picture love! Here’s one of my absolute favorite baby portraits in a LONG time, from Bobbi+Mike

And one of the coolest sets of self portraits I’ve seen in a long time! (Didn’t hurt that they were in Italy!) … The Image is Found

Happy Monday!

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