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Simple Color Motion is the product of hundreds of conversations with our brides trying to decide on their videographer for the big day. All too often, we hear concerns about either not having it in the budget to hire a video team, or only wanting a certain part of the day covered. We opted to provide a limited video service to our clients for two reasons …

1. We feel everyone should have both photo AND video of their ceremony … regardless of budget constraints.
2. We have the know-how and equipment necessary for putting together a quality video for our couples.

Ceremony-Only Coverage

Our video coverage only extends to the ceremony. We want to provide our couples with professional quality video and audio of the most important part of the wedding day. At the same time, our main priority as photographers is … well … the photos. SO if you’re looking for full video coverage of your entire day, we’re definitely not right for you. In fact, if start-to-finish coverage is what you’re after … we’ll happily push you towards some of Birmingham’s best video teams:

Hampton Road Studios

Kinora Films

TLC Weddings

Two Cameras

We use a simple, two camera setup to document the ceremony on video. We also provide audio from the officiant, bride and groom, and music.

The Final Product

We deliver our couples’ final HD video alongside their wedding proofs, and also include a highlight reel that combines video, audio and photos from the wedding day…

The Price

The price for the coverage is $500. For more information, you can reach us via our Contact Form, or send us an email at!