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It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks as we continue to put the finishing touches on both our new website, and our new brand as a whole. It’s been exciting and tiring at the same time, but we’re so happy to see the main piece of the puzzle … our web presence … come together!

When Stacey and I sat down with our branding expert, Graham Yelton, last year, we asked her to come up with something that would not only communicate the style of images we created, but also something that would show a little bit of our personalities. We were so happy with the first drafts we saw of our new logo and website, and got more excited with each proof Graham sent our way!

We feel like our images reflect a natural, simplistic style. They look real … like we feel people should look in portraits of themselves. :-) Our images are full of real, vibrant colors … but don’t often stray from the simplicity that we love. We wanted our vision for our imagery to be reflected in both the site … and in our brand.

Hence, Simple Color.

For a few years now, we’ve been using that phrase to describe our business. It was a tagline that we created to compliment our name … Gresham Photography. But it quickly took on a life of its own, and soon our clients and inquiring couples were referring to us as “Simple Color”, just as much as “The Greshams”.

So with the new brand, we decided to “simplify” our name, and officially name the studio Simple Color. It’s the perfect description of our images and the way we go about our business.

So here we are. The same Greshams from Gresham Photography. Just with a little different look … :-)

We ere so excited to show off the site to folks who follow our work … and wanted to take a second and share some of our favorite parts.


The “Favs” Section

As you all know, we blog EVERY session that we shoot. While we can honestly say we’ve never documented a wedding, family, or newborn that we didn’t love, every once in awhile a session comes along that we’re EXTRA proud of. That’s the reason for the Favs section. We’ll be using it to highlight image sets that we’re really excited about, as well as a way to make important announcements and updates.


View By Color

This was a concept that Graham came up with to color coordinate our different types of sessions by colors. We loved the look it give to the blog, and the way it shows a variety of the work that we do.


Title Slides

For those of you who’ve read our blog for awhile now, you know we’re not strangers to LONG blog posts. We’re notorious for posting weddings with 100+ images, and we’re not ashamed of it. There’s nothing like trying to look at a site while three posts with 200 images load for viewing. Needless to say, our love for lots of pictures was slowing us down. So we opted for titled slides on the main pages, which allow folks to click and view entire posts without having to wait until their next birthday for the images to finish loading!



As photographers, there are few things that validate the images we take for other people more than their excitement and happiness with the final product. For lack of a better description, this is the page we use to show off. We’ve been blessed with amazing clients over the past six years, and wanted to have a place to brag a little about their reaction to the images we produce. We try not to get big heads … but hopefully you’ll let us slip just this once. :-)


So those are just a few of the MANY new features that we love about the site. We encourage you to take a look around, and don’t hesitate to let us know what you like and don’t like. It’s been the feedback from clients and blog readers that has gotten our site and brand to where it is today … and for that we’re very grateful! Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to congratulate us on the updates!

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  1. Jonathan Steen I've been following you guy's work for about a year and a half now. With every blog post, I'm simply amazed more and more. I absolutely love the photos you take and the new site layout is awesome. As always, I can't wait to see what comes next from Simple Color.