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I’ve had the privilege this week to travel up and down and across the country with the oh-so-talented photographer Brandon Robbins. Our trip, which revolves around a “top-secret” project for Birmingham-Southern College, took us to New York City during the past two days and will continue on to Houston, San Francisco and Cincinnati.

The trip has been a great opportunity for me to learn alongside Brandon R. as he works his magic with portrait shoots in each city. From lighting to composition to editing, Brandon is a master on every level. This trip has also been a great way for me to test out our new Nikon D3 camera. The pictures we’re seeing are truly amazing… and I’ve shared some with you here. Enjoy!

Here’s Brandon R. working his pensive pose at the Hard Rock the night before our shoot…

…shooting in Times Square…

We had a chance to visit one of Brandon R.’s father’s friends while in NYC. Hal is among the most seasoned actors that you’ll find on Broadway. He’s been in more shows than he can count, including A Chorus Line. We started the night off at his apartment in the city and enjoyed some cheese and wine before heading to the most delicious Italian joint ever!

We finished our New York stop off late last night with a trip to the top of the Empire State Building….

…see you in Houston!!!

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  1. mybabydiary your photo very nice watch out coz u don't have signature in your pics someone can steal your pic :)