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Many thanks to all of my friends who hung out with me on 8.8.08 for a little Olympic opening ceremony watching (They were faked by the way) and poker. No, my birthday is not on August 8th, but we shot a wedding the next day (my real birthday) so we decided to party the night before.

The highlight of the night definitely came when it was time to blow the candles out on the cake. Our best friends John and Kara are hardcore cake bakers, and they’re always up for a good challenge. So I asked them to make me an Olympic-themed red velvet cake. Their creation was nothing short of a masterpiece. The cake itself was made up of five smaller cakes, all red velvet-flavored, but with each cake sporting one of the Olympic ring colors.

If that wasn’t cool enough, my candles turned out to be a homemade olympic torch that John took for a relay around the house before handing it off to me to blow out. Freakin’ awesome!

Enjoy some shots from the night, especially the part where my buddy Blake almost got run over (or lit on fire) during the torch relay…

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  1. Talley Images you guys so freakin' rock.... can I come hang out with you?