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One of the cool things about the wedding business, is you find yourself working with some really talented, creative people on a weekly basis. This business is full of people with beautiful ideas about how to make a wedding day memorable, and we’re lucky enough to document those ideas for a living!

Over the next few months, Stacey and I wanted to take a little time and highlight some of the coolest wedding and event vendors that we’ve worked with over the past few years. From stationary and invite designers, to makeup artists and florists, we’re going to showcase some of the most talented professionals in our industry!

Take Wil and Stephanie for instance. Two amazingly creative people who decided to put their incredible talents to good use, and start Proper Measures … one of Birmingham’s premo wedding and event styling companies.

From the moment we laid eyes on some of their work, Stacey and I were in love with the Proper Measures style. It’s quirky, unique, and stands out in images. We invited them to the Jemison Gallery a few weeks ago for a little stylized session, and also took some time to find out a little more about the work they do for their clients …

GP: Tell us a little about the services you offer …

Stephanie: Where do I start?! We try to take care of all of the visual elements of an event so that the end result is cohesive. We handle the sweet stuff, including wedding & party cakes, custom dessert buffets, and drink stations. We do the florals for both ceremonies & receptions. We create custom wedding & party favors. We design and coordinate events from start to finish, working with clients to build an environment that represents their personalities and their relationship with each other. Proper Measures is in the business of aesthetics, so every detail is perfectly executed and makes sense when pulled together as a whole. We do a lot. We make it easy on our clients.

GP: Describe the type of client that fits your style …

Stephanie: Our type of client is fun. If you aren’t planning on having an amazing time at your wedding, then don’t hire us. Our clients are also willing to push the envelope on the traditional wedding. We love to find new & interesting ways to celebrate a couple. Instead of following a pre-made list of wedding day protocol, we talk to our clients and find out how they met, what they do for fun, what they love most about each other & we use that info to fuel the design process. The best weddings I have been to are the ones that make you say, “that is so them…” I mean, isn’t that the point?!

GP: How did you and Wil get in to the business?

Stephanie: Wil & I have been talking about doing something like this since we met. On our first date, we made cupcakes and daydreamed about opening a cute little bake shop. When we got engaged and started planning the wedding, I fell in love with the whole process. While most people dread all of the tiny details and months of stress-filled decisions, I thrived on it. We will just chock it up to my self diagnosed OCD. Wil is a pastry chef so the decision to have him make our wedding cake & dessert table was easy. I designed the florals and crafted the rest of the details. We loved every minute of it, and decided that we would put our bakery on hold & start a business that was a sort of “one stop shop” for all things pretty and sweet. At the end of February I put an end to a 12 year career in exchange for something I was finally passionate about and Proper Measures became my full time job. We have had a blast so far. We have met tons of wonderful people & talented vendors… and this is really just the beginning.

Make sure and check out Stephanie and Wil’s work on their website …

… and their blog …

They were kind enough to do a little styling for their shoot with us, which included disco balls and cake. What more can you ask for? :-P Here’s some of my images from the shoot:

And some of Stacey’s film shots …

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  1. malinda kay Uh, awesome. That's what y'all are.

  2. stephanie d awww! these turned out so great you guys! thanks again for letting us be a part of such a fun idea :)