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One of the wonderful parts about working as a photographer is having the occasional opportunity to document moments in my own family. Admittedly, we’ve been a little focused on a certain little lady in the family … but this past weekend it was Isaac and Rachel’s turn.

I still hold a grudge deep down inside against my little brother, who knocked me out of the prized “baby of the family” spot a couple of decades ago. He’s been enjoying the good life ever since … and I’ve disappeared into the abyss known as the “middle child zone.”

But all sibling rivalry aside … we couldn’t be happier to spend the past week celebrating his marriage to a much better half in Rachel. How us three Gresham boys got so lucky with our choice of spouses still befuddles our friends, relatives, and yes … even our parents. We couldn’t have been more excited to welcome Rachel into the chaos that is “The Greshams” … and hope she brought her ear plugs and helmet along for the ride.

The newlyweds said their vows at a gorgeous mountain spot in Colorado Springs … The Lodge at Cathedral Pines. The wedding was typical Isaac and Rachel … simple and heartfelt, with breakfast for dinner and light-up foam noodles. The amount of work that all of their family and friends put into the weekend to make it picture-perfect was astounding … and there was no one who worked harder or invested more time than my dear mom. She would make an amazing wedding planner in this industry. But after many months of slowly saying goodbye to her baby thru addressing invites and making flower arrangements, I’m pretty sure she’d all wedding-d out.

But all the ramblings of an older, grouchier sibling aside … we’re so happy, proud, and excited for these two lovebirds! So while they keep spamming my phone with videos from Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney Land … I present you with some favs from Isaac and Rachel’s big day …

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