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It’s really hard to believe that we just photographed my baby brother and his fiance’s engagement session. Seriously, the kid’s like 8 years old. He’s definitely not ready to get married …

OK, so maybe he’s 24 and much more mature than I was when I married to Stacey, but still … it’s hard to imagine that he’s all grown up. Needless to say, Stacey and I were so excited when we heard the news that these two will be getting married next May, and couldn’t wait for the chance to get out to Colorado and photograph them together. Thankfully, Isaac seems to have avoided the “I hate getting my picture taken” gene that runs in my family, and there was never any worry that Rachel wouldn’t take a good picture. (She’ll definitely help the Gresham photogenics out a little.)

We had an amazing two days dragging these kids all over the mountains. We took some shots on the property they’ll say their vows on next spring, The Lodge at Cathedral Pines … found ourselves an open field nearby for sunset … and spent the entire next afternoon/evening shooting around the Cripple Creek area.

And the ASPENS … oh my goodness, the aspens.

We could not have hit a better time to use them as the backdrop for day two of Isaac and Rachel’s session. The yellow colors were absolutely stunning, and definitely got us in the mood for Fall! But enough about the leaves! We’re so very excited to show off a few frames from their session, captured on our Nikon D3, Rolleiflex Twin Lens, and the Contax 645. So I’ll stop blabbering now, and let you enjoy the pics …

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