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Friday was a tough day for Stacey and I as we had to say goodbye to our closest friends, John and Kara. Two of the smartest people we know, the Stephensons are headed across the U.S. from Birmingham, Alabama to Seattle, Washington.

For the past few years (It seems like a lot longer), we’ve spent at least a couple nights a week at each others homes. It definitely helped that we lived in the same apartment complex too! We celebrated birthdays, holidays, job hirings, job quittings, and just about anything else that we could think of together. From late night games of spades to watching hours upon end of football on Sunday, John and Kara have literally become staples of our everyday life.

Great opportunities await both of them in Seattle in the form of family, friends and some awesome job opportunities. As John was finalizing his job plans in the weeks leading up to their leaving today, I couldn’t help but joke that I was hoping he wouldn’t get a job in Washington, but at the same time was praying he’d get an awesome position.

We’ll be seeing them again, of course, but Birmingham to Seattle isn’t exactly a day trip! So for now, here’s to Rapha, Max and Bailey; homemade pizza, games of Catan and spades, late night talks over drinks and cigars, trips to TCBY and Vietnamese food, shrimp eating, Nascar, and good times with great friends.

We wish you guys the best as you open a new chapter of your life, and thank you for some of the awesome memories we’ve gotten to enjoy while you were here in the Ham. With love,

-Brandon and Stacey

Rapha the good cat…

…and Max the bad cat…

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