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Continuing with our look back at 2010, here’s some of my favorite shots that Brandon captured throughout the year. We’ll post our 2010 slideshow next week sometime, but for now, have a great last few hours of 2010, and a very Happy New Year!

– Stacey

No. 10 … from A Bryan Photo Wokshop | On Film

No. 9 … from Doria and Jamin | The Wedding

No. 8 … from Courtney and Michael | The Wedding

No. 7 … from Angie and Derik | The Wedding

No. 6 … from Ruth and Greg | The Engagement

No. 5 … from Joanna and Drew | The Engagement

No. 4 … from Jennifer and Justin | The Wedding

No. 3 … from Cam and Tom | The Wedding

No. 2 … from Jessica and Mark | The Engagement

No. 1 … from Jessica and Mark | The Wedding

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  1. Bryan Johnson Wow! I'm so glad the shots of me and Noah made your top ten! I'm excited that you guys are moving into the Phoenix. It will be great to have you around!


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