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A couple of weeks ago a bunch of Stacey’s friends and I got together to surprise here with a big birthday bash down at the studio. She was SO RIDICULOUSLY surprised when she walked in the door, I thought she might have a heart attack…

Ok no.

So maybe, just maybe, I accidentally let it slip that a bunch of Stacey’s friends and I were getting together to surprise here … :-p

But despite no jumping out from behind the couch and out of the closet to scare little Stacey, we still had a great time celebrating another year in my beautiful wife’s life. Here’s a couple of pictures of what you’re’s truly worked up … including a gallery of her film work, Urban Standard cupcakes, and her favorite pizza EVER…

And yes, and abbreviated version of the Colorbooth was in attendance as well …


Aaaaaand, the rest:

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