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Beau | Part II

Film, The Greshams

October 13, 2011

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you might as well plan on a pretty regular “Beau” feature on the site from now on. What can I say? He’s our first nephew! We already showed some digital frames from his first session a few weeks ago, and also his homecoming slideshow/video. Here’s a couple […]

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The Greshams

September 14, 2011

Beau is pretty picky. No really. Even at the tender age of 14 months, he’s well aware of what he likes and dislikes. And photo shoots, for the moment, fall solidly into the “dislike” column. :-) That said, Stacey and I are notorious for our stubbornness when it comes to “getting the shot.” And while […]

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