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Jennifer & Daniel


March 21, 2016

I’m so grateful to Jennifer and Daniel for making my day an easy one this past Sunday. Despite dealing with a surprise sickness during their shoot, these two were so patient with me … and I’m excited with how the photos turned out! We photographed around the blooming Botanical Gardens, and then finished with some […]

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Flickr Top 20 | The Bridals

Studio News

July 31, 2009

Besides the couple, there’s nothing Stacey and I enjoy shooting more on a wedding day besides the bride. (Sorry guys!) They’re usually glowing with excitement, and have a nervous giddiness that is so fun to photograph. We’ve been blessed to work with a ton of amazing women over the past few years, and this little […]

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Flickr Top 20 | The Details

Studio News

July 25, 2009

Continuing with our Flickr Top 20 series, here’s the top 20 detail shots according to the folks over at Flickr! Apparently, people like our ring shots :-p #20 – Katie and Tom (Birmingham, Ala) #19 – Mary and Timmy (Homewood, Ala) #18 – Rebecca and Peter (Birmingham, Ala) #17 – Nicolette and Kevin (Birmingham, Ala) […]

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Flickr Top 20 | The Engagements

Studio News

July 16, 2009

Stacey and I have always been pretty active members of the photo sharing site Flickr. We’ve met a ton of great photographers there, found a lot of inspirational images, and learned a thing or two about shooting from some of the great talents floating around our Flickr groups! One aspect of Flickr that we love […]

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