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One of the awesome things about going to photography workshops is hanging out with some extremely creative and talented people. The girls of Blink Photography were no exception.

The gorgeous Anna and Dani hung out with Stacey for her workshop with Audrey Woulard and from there, a pretty awesome photography friendship was born. OK, so we hung out for a total of 24 hours….but these two really have a passion for the work that they do, and Stacey and I know we’ll be better photographers for having them as friends (Even if they live in Bend, Oregon!)

We spent our last few hours in New Orleans doing a little photo shoot between the four of us around the French Quarter. Here’s some of Stacey’s shots from the workshop with Audrey and then some of the beautiful Blink girls.

3 Responses

  1. mcarstens I love the colors and sharpness of all your photos. I especially love the shot of Fletcher (kid in red vest). I'm probably biased since I'm his mom, tee hee.

  2. Anna Oh my goodness, these are the most beautiful girls I've ever seen!!!!! They should totally be models! hahaha ok, seriously, thank you guys so much! We absolutle LOVE the pictures. We couldn't have gotten better ones anywhere else! Move on over Jessica C.!!!!

  3. dani we sooooo love you guys!


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