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So after a lot of testing in the living room, and utilizing Bailey and George as our first subjects, Stacey and I are excited to announce our newest product! The Gresham Photography Colorbooth!!!

This handy little system, while not new to the wedding industry, lets guests at our wedding get “colorful” in front of the camera. They pose for the pictures, and trigger them as well! Needless to say, most wedding guests are all too willing to show off in front of the camera for the bride and groom!

The guests at Caroline and Josh’s big day took the Colorbooth on it’s maiden voyage, and did nothing short of blowing it straight out of the water! The groomsmen opted to document their journey through a night of open bar hopping in the four corners of the reception hall … while two of our college friends simply opted to trade shirts…. (Hey, I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time!)

Thanks to all who cheesed it up for Caroline and Josh’s reception! You truly made the Colorbooth rock!

For all our other current and potential clients, the Colorbooth is available immediately for wedding receptions, so feel free to contact us with any questions!!!

In the meantime … check out the ridiculousness of Caroline and Josh’s Colorbooth!!!

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  1. Ann Marie These are hilarious and so fun!! Glad you and Stacey got in on the action as well! :)


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