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So after a lot of legwork, tough decisions, and one trip to Ikea in Atlanta … Stacey and I are finally ready to announce the next big step for Gresham Photography!!!

We’ve partnered with some AMAZINGLY talented wedding folks here in Birmingham to create the Jemison Gallery, a multi-purpose loft in downtown Birmingham that can be used as a meeting space, event location, or in our case … an office.

For some time now Stacey and I have been working towards moving our growing operation into a larger space. The second bedroom at the house just wasn’t cutting it anymore!

The best part about being a member of the Jemison Gallery, is the uber-cool people we’ve come to know really well throughout the whole process of shopping for a unit, furnishing, and laying out what the Gallery was going to be all about. We’re so excited to be partnered with Jessica Wright of Jessica Wright Photography, Taylor and Bo Haynie of Taylor Haynie Photography, and Nick Weeks of Superium Productions.

One of the coolest aspects of the space has been getting to know our fellow tenants as wedding professionals and friends! We’re so excited for what the Jemison Gallery has done and will do for all of our businesses, and can’t wait to share it with our clients and fellow wedding vendors!

So without further delay, here’s a few snapshots of the main consult area in the Gallery. The office area and kitchen are still a work in progress, so we’ll leave those a mystery until they’re complete!

P.S. – Make sure to stay tuned for a little announcement about our grand opening party at the Jemison Gallery. It’s gonna rock!


5 Responses

  1. Amanda What a great space! I second what Camille said: I've heard about it from Jessica, but the photos bring it to life. Congrats!

  2. Ann Marie wow this is great! congrats!! please let me know if the opening event!!

  3. Anna Oh my goodness!!!! So awesome, you two! I absolutely LOVE it! I can't wait until Danielle and I have something like this! :) Oh, and I wanna come to the grand opening party! Not sure they'll let me on an airplane with this humungous stomach of mine though. :) Anyways, guys totally deserve it! Love you both!

  4. camille looking good! i have heard from jessica... nice to see it in photos. :)

  5. Rachel Congrats on the space. Wish I could stop by for a visit and a cuppa tea!!