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So the results are in! Before we announce our winners, I just wanted to thank everyone who took part in this year’s contest! And even though we’re done making you feel guilty about losing weight, hopefully the pounds will continue to drop!!! This has been a challenging year for Stacey and I on a lot of different fronts. But I can’t even begin to say how proud I am of Stacey, who despite working through grad school clinicals and shooting weddings almost every weekend, was able to lose 15.2 pounds, or 9.74% of her body weight!

So here’s how everyone else finished up:


Beverly 7.23% 18.0 lbs
Emily 6.57% 13.0 lbs
Alissa 5.83% 9.0 lbs
Carol 3.75% 6.0 lbs
Ann Marie 2.99% 6.0 lbs
Daniel 2.21% 5.0 lbs
Erica 1.50% 2.4 lbs

A BIG congrats to our friend Beverly, who pretty much lost every week without fail!!! It was great to get her numbers in each week and watch the weight drop. Beverly wins:

– $100 towards your new outfit for the photo shoot
– A one-hour session of your choosing
– A full-resolution disc of the image for you to show off

Beverly, we’ll be in touch to talk about your new outfit and session!!!


Joncee 10.90% 17.0 lbs
Garrett 7.42% 17.0 lbs
Kricia 3.17% 6.0 lbs

Joncee topped all of our competitors in overall weight loss, dropping an astounding 10.9 percent of her body weight. Ridiculous! For dropping 17 pounds, Joncee is our big winner! She gets to choose from one of the following:

– $100 B&H Photo Gift Card
– A free Shootsac by Jessica Claire
– Free one-hour portrait shoot with high-res disc of images

Joncee, we’ll be in touch about your prize!

Lastly, for all of our participants who’d like to set up a time to shoot an “After” photo, just let us know and we’ll be happy to meet up with you!!!

Thanks again to everyone who participated! And happy losing!!!

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  1. Joncee haha! I just have to share a story real yesterdays wedding, instead of splitting my pants (or at least feeling like I might) I actually almost lost my pants because they were to baggy! it is amazing how my stomach is smaller than my hips now! :) TIME TO GO SHOPPING!!! :) Great job everyone! Seeing all your numbers drop made me want to work harder. We should all check back in in a year and see if we kept it off!


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