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We wanted to take a quick second this week and share with you all what one of our Weigh-In competitors is doing to shed the pounds! Garrett is a fellow photographer hailing from way up north in Canada. (Check out is uber-awesome website here!)

So far, Garrett has lost a total of seven pounds … and is totally dominating me along the way! We asked him a few questions about his weight loss:

1. What’s your strategy for losing weight?
Eat less junk, eat smaller portions, exercise more.

2. What’s your motivation for losing weight?
I want to fit into my clothes again because my winter hibernation was a killer to my waist line. I also want to be less sore after shooting a wedding. And I want to be able to play with our son without getting winded.

3. What has been your biggest obstacle during the weight loss competition?
Being strict about what I eat. I’ve been cheating here and there but the weight still seems to be dropping, which is good.

4. What one tip would you give someone else interested in getting back in

Have some accountability and enter a competition or do it with your spouse or friend. Doing it by yourself is hard work.

Amen to accountability! Stacey and I have tried what seems like every possible motivation for losing weight, and we haven’t found anything better than some healthy peer-pressure! Having someone else there to push you makes a world of difference!

Thanks to Garrett for sharing … and here’s this week’s results:

Stacey … -3.18%
Brandon … -0.67%

Laura … -3.48%
Beverly … -3.01%
Ann Marie … -2.49%
Alissa … -2.27%
Emily … -2.02%
Carol … -1.88%
Kathy … -1.82%
Jannese … -1.80%
Erica … -1.50%
Daniel … -1.33
Brandon S. … -1.06%
Maggie … -0.62%
Jenna … Even

Camille … -5.52
Garrett … -3.06%
Joncee … -1.92%
Jeremy … -1.00%
Leslie … -0.72%
Kricia … +0.26%

We’ve lost a total of 73.3 pounds so far! So even with a slow week, that’s still pretty darn good!!!

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  1. Kricia Morris Photography OK, I've REALLY got to get the ball rolling. I am NOT a last place kind of girl!!


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