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Soooo, the Fourth of July weekend not only punched yours truly right on the chin, it also seemed to force our blog out of action (Again) over the weekend. Ugh! Needless to say, a weekend of Ben & Jerry’s, steak, crab legs, and BBQ did a number on me weight-wise. Thankfully, the next few weeks bring a couple of positive changes in the Gresham household, which will allow both Stacey and I to work of the pounds a little easier!!!

That said, we wanted to share real fast what one of our competitors, Ann Marie, had been doing to drop the pounds!

1. What’s your strategy for losing weight?
I have been keeping up with calories mostly. I use the “Lose It” app on my iPhone and its very convienient! (And its a free app) I’m trying to keep my calorie consuption around 1400-1600 calories per day and trying to eat as healthy as possible. I also have tried to work out as many times as possible in the week, but I’ve averaged only about 2 days a week. Besides that, I also have been paying more attention to portion sizes and eating only about half of something if its really big. That certainly helps, especially if its a high calorie or high fat food.

2. What’s your motivation for losing weight?
1st motivation: I need to be heathier, as I sit behind a computer all day long! 2nd motivaiton: I turn 30 in December, and I’ve spent most of my 20’s overweight….I want to change that for my 30’s!

3. What has been your biggest obstacle during the weight loss competition?
My biggest obstacle is food itself! I am a classically trained chef, so it’s almost against my nature NOT to use butter, cream, etc…BUT I am stretching culinary skills by trying to alter dishes to be more healthy! It’s been a fun challenge!

4. What one tip would you give someone else interested in getting back in shape?
Get right back up on the bandwagon! I fall off so many times during the week, and I know that I can just say, “Forget it! I’ve screwed this week up and I’ll just eat whatever I want!” But that is NOT the attitude to have! Don’t beat yourself up over falling…just dust off and start over. It eventually gets easier!

And here’s how everyone else has done this week!

Stacey … -4.33%
Brandon … +3.50% (I told you it was bad!)

Daniel … -3.98%
Carol … -3.13%
Beverly … -3.01%
Emily … -2.53%
Ann Marie … -2.49%
Erica … -2.12%
Alissa … -1.94%
Kathy … -1.82%

Camille … -5.83
Jeremy … -5.17%
Garrett … -3.93%
Joncee … -3.85%
Kricia … -2.90%
Leslie … -0.72%

We’ve lost a total of 96.6 pounds so far! Next week we should hit the 100 pound mark! Saaweet!!!

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  1. Ann Marie Go Stacey! She's beating all of us non-photogs!