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Well I was able to get it back on track this week after we got all the 4th of July leftovers out of the house! Stacey’s continued to truck along in the right direction, while as a group we lost a total of 12 pounds! But the bigger news is … we officially broke the 100-pound mark! Coming in this week down 111.6 pounds! Ridiculous!

So here’s some tips from one of our big losers about what she’s doing to drop the pounds! Joncee owns Photography by Joncee May! Here’s her tips:

1. What’s your strategy for losing weight?
Run! and eat smaller portions more often, also ride my bike everywhere I can, instead of driving.

2. What’s your motivation for losing weight?
To look hot! :) Just joking, I want to be healthy and have more energy to devote to my family and my business, also, keeping up with a two year old is hard, so I only imagine as he gets older and stronger and faster it will get harder unless I lose the gut! :)

3. What has been your biggest obstacle during the weight loss competition?
BIRTHDAYS! My husband and son both celebrated birthdays with in a week of eachother, and I of corse made a birthday cake for both of them,and then ate both cakes! :) Oops!!!

4. What one tip would you give someone else interested in getting back in

ACCOUNTABILITY and dont be afraid to cheat on your diet alittle but dont eat 2 birthday cakes :)

Stacey … -5.73%
Brandon … +1.76%

Alissa … -2.91%
Kathy … -2.73%
Beverly … -2.61%
Emily … -2.53%
Carol … -2.50%
Ann Marie … -2.49%
Erica … -2.24%
Daniel … -2.21%

Camille … -5.83%
Jeremy … -5.83%
Garrett … -4.80%
Joncee … -3.85%
Kricia … -1.32%
Leslie … -0.72%

Next week is our halfway point!!!! I’ll be posting some extra stats for everyone to enjoy! Happy losing!

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