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Watching Rachel and Will interact over the past two days would have been an amazing experience for any photographer. It’s still seems a little unbelievable that this perfect couple called on us to cover the biggest day of their lives later this year!

Stacey and I traveled to New York this past weekend to shoot their engagement photos around the city. Over a 30-hour period, the four of us traveled back-and-forth across the Big Apple, shooting at iconic landmarks, and relatively unknown locations that mean so much to Rachel and Will.

One of the best things about this past weekend, other than some unbelievable photo ops, was getting to know this amazing couple and get a sneak peek into their love for each other! With that, we’d like to share a very select few of our favorites from two days of shooting.

It was definitely a little windy on Saturday, but Will and Rachel were troopers and took us for a walk along the river. This has to be one of the best views of the city!

The Brooklyn Bridge played a huge part in our shoot. It’s such an amazing structure, and you could immediately tell how much these two enjoyed going for a stroll across the landmark!

Then it was on to Grand Central Station for some shots under the stunning roof in the main terminal. We also enjoyed moving around the city on the subway. (I secretly wish we lived in a city with a subway!)

Will and Rachel took us to an amazing garden in the “locals” area of Central Park. The lack of tourists was nice for once! :-)

Then it was on to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a little modern shooting. We even played with some shots inside of an ancient egyptian temple! How many people can say that had their engagement pictures in one of those?

Back to Central Park for some more iconic shooting in the well known areas of NYC’s big yard…

We headed home on the subway for some dinner, before setting back out to take on Times Square!

Will stepped aside for a second and asked us to shoot some portraits of his gorgeous wife-to-be in her element … Broadway. Rachel has a beautiful signing voice, and it won’t be long before her name lights up the marquee! 

We took a quick trip down to Union Square and the Coffee Shop Bar, where Rachel and Will had their first “solo” date. Listening to these to recount their first date was great!

And finally, we ended our first day in NYC on the rooftop terrace of their gorgeous home…

Day #2 started with a stroll through the Financial District and some amazing brunch…

Then it was on to the Staton Island Ferry for a quick trip back and forth across the water …

Will and Rachel recently welcomed Luna, the cutest little Boston Terrier …

We ended our shooting marathon with some fun portraits back on the rooftop … 

And Stacey couldn’t resist shooting some picture of Rachel’s custom-designed engagement ring. Will worked one-on-one with a jeweler to get it just right. Gorgeous!

Thank you Will and Rachel for this amazing experience! It was such a blast getting to know you guys over the weekend, and we are so excited to spend even more time with you on the big day later this year!

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  2. jess love, love, love! makes me sooo excited to go shoot in nyc :)

  3. Brandon Thank you all for the kind words! Working with Will and Rachel last weekend will definitely be one of the highlights of our photo year!

  4. Anna Beautiful...beautiful...beautiful! You guys are awesome! If only I could have just a bit of your amazingness!!!! Miss you both!

  5. Erin In a city full of millions of people, these shots make it seem like they are the only 2. Such amazing shots! Kudos!

  6. corey nolen great shots! really fun.

  7. Charity Simply amazing photos!!!

  8. Kricia Morris Photography You two rock my socks. I bow down to the greatness!! Truly amazing guys, you astound me with each and every post!

  9. Tiffany Unbelievable!! Not only are their photos gorgeous, but what an incredible chance to REALLY get to know them...awesome!!

  10. Eden Hutchins I'm so speechless... I have such gorgeous friends (Will and Rachel) and such incredibly TALENTED friends (Brandon and Stacey). These are really breathtaking. Wow!